March 30, 2010

2.6% of winter crops perish in Ukraine

Winter grains sowings in Ukraine perished throughout 230,000 hectares, or nearly 2.6% of the planned sowing areas.


Winter grains sowings in Ukraine were in a weak and thinned condition throughout 14.3% of the general sowing areas, or 1.19 million hectares. Ukraine will re-sow nearly 390,000 hectares of agricultural crops areas or 4.5%.


Ice had covered 680,000 hectares of winter grain sowings in Ukraine, or 8% of winter crops sowings.


3.38 million hectares of winter grains sowings, or 40.6%, showed good condition while 3.8 million hectares, or 45%, were in satisfactory condition.


Winter rapeseed sowings perished throughout 13.2% of the general winter rapeseed sowing areas, while 27% of winter rapeseed sowings showed weak and thinned condition. Growers plan to re-sow 18.3% of winter rapeseed sowings, or 260,000 hectares.

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