March 30, 2006


EU bans pig transportation in German state due to swine fever



The European Commission (EC) on Tuesday decided to suspend transportation of live pigs and pork products in Germany's northern state of North-Rhine Westphalia, after a fourth case of swine fever was detected there.


According to the EC decision, the transportation of all live pigs and pork products should be halted in the state.


The decision also stipulates that live pigs and pork products, exported from Germany to other EU members, must be labeled in detail with places of origin and testing certificates.


The German state detected three cases of swine fever on pig ranches on Mar 3 and 5, prompting local authorities to take emergency measures, including slaughtering all the pigs on the infected farms and quarantining the affected areas.


A standing committee of the European Union is slated to assess the situation in the German state on Apr 4.