March 29, 2021


OIE launches reference platform for animal disease and veterinary capacities reporting



The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has launched the World Animal Health Information System (OIE-WAHIS), a reference platform for animal disease and veterinary capacities reporting.


The platform would help support countries in maintaining global transparency when reporting matters concerning animal and public health.


OIE-WAHIS will increase more transparency about diseases and foster safe and fair cross-border trade of animals and animal products as well as evidence and risk-based decision-making on animal and public health policies, according to OIE.


With faster and more detailed notification about the geographic localisation of outbreaks and subsequently, their control, trade restrictions will be better targeted.


OIE-WAHIS will make information about animal health more easily available and usable to everyone who needs it – government agencies, trade partners, international organisations, industry players, researchers, academics, journalists and the public.


The platform will make it easy for countries to collect and report information – and upload data from their own databases. Its user-friendly interface will also allow data to be viewed, analysed and extracted in different formats.


OIE-WAHIS is the first cornerstone in the digital transformation of OIE. It enables an easy and standardised way to connect with other information systems around the world, making data analysis even stronger.