March 29, 2011

Bangladesh confiscates toxic poultry feed 



Department of Environment (DoE) from Bangladesh confiscated 265 sacks of poultry feed produced from tannery waste and various chemicals yesterday (Mar 27).


The sacks weighed 16 tonnes and were seized from a house at Adabar in the city. One person was arrested in connection with the incident.


Acting on a tip-off, a DoE enforcement team working with members of the Rapid Action Battalion discovered workers manufacturing the toxic feed in the house, which was being used as an illegal factory.


A case was filed in accordance with the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act against the factory's detained manager, Mahmud Hossain, and the owner.


The DoE closed three factories in Hazaribag for the same reason last month. The Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research later discovered hazardous levels of chromium in the feeds.


Upon consumption of the toxic feed, poultry and eggs become poisonous, which in turn pose serious health hazards.

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