March 28, 2023


Japan abrogates remaining restrictions on Canada's beef




Japan is lifting the last of its restrictions on Canadian beef, 20 years after bovine spongiform encephalopathy, often called mad cow disease, devastated the country's cattle industry.


The federal government said Japan is reopening its doors to processed beef and beef patties from Canada. The move puts an end to the market access barriers the former put in place in 2003, after a case of BSE was discovered in Alberta.


While Japan initially shut its border to all Canadian beef, it has been lifting restrictions in stages over the years, most recently with its 2019 decision to begin accepting Canadian beef from cattle older than 30 months of age.


The Canadian federal government said Japan is now Canada's second-largest market for beef, with exports worth $518 million in 2022.


Around 40 countries closed their borders to Canadian beef during the height of the 2003 BSE crisis, resulting in billions of dollars in losses for the industry.


- CTV News

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