March 28, 2013


Russia claims FMD outbreak originated from China


The outbreak of foot and mouth disease that occurred in Transbaikal was believed by the Russian veterinary authorities to have come from neighbouring China.


Rosselkhoznador said that tests carried out by the regional reference laboratory of the OIE - the Federal Centre for Animal Health confirmed that the virus in Transbaikal was type A.


The veterinary authority said that China has reported two outbreaks of type A FMD this year - one in the south east province of Guangdong and the other in the central province of Qinghai.


The Russian authorities set up a buffer zone around the Transbaikal outbreak, which was reported a week ago, 25 kilometres from the Chinese border.


And Rosselkhoznador added that it cannot be certain that the incidence of type A FMD is actually greater than have been officially reported.