March 27, 2024


dsm-firmenich, Agrifirm partner to create platform for transparent, sustainable poultry production




dsm-firmenich and Agrifirm, a leading agricultural cooperative, have announced their strategic partnership to create a platform for poultry performance optimisation focused on health and sustainability.


The pressing need for more sustainable food systems is underlined by the commitment of food companies and retailers through emissions reduction targets – but are difficult to realise considering the size and complexity of supply chains. Farmers and the feed industry provide an important part of the solution to achieving these ambitious, yet necessary, international goals, as the majority of the emissions and ability to improve are firmly under their control.


Bringing together dsm-firmenich's industry-leading life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, Sustell™ and Agrifirm's PoultryNEXT, a leading data platform for poultry production performance insights, the new platform will offer a differentiated solution for transparent and responsible poultry production addressing the value chain needs.


Sustell™ combines the most advanced environmental foot-printing platform with expertise in sustainability, animal production and nutritional knowledge. By capturing specific feed and farm data in a highly scalable way, while being backed by third-party ISO certification, SustellTM users can accurately monitor their full environmental footprint and understand where and how to make improvements, thereby playing a pivotal role in enabling the downstream value chain to deliver on their emissions commitments and targets.


PoultryNEXT combines performance tools with expertise in flock management, animal production and nutritional knowledge. By capturing farm-specific data, backed by nutritional and on-farm expertise, PoultryNEXT can monitor precise data that accurately tracks and helps improve responsible production performance.


A high-feasibility pilot will now be rolled out with Agrifirm partner farms, utilising PoultryNEXT with sustainability insights provided by Sustell™. The service will give farmers access to high-quality sustainability insights such as a farm's environmental footprint to support responsible production performance. The platform allows for better supply chain transparency, providing an accurate picture of the complete product journey – from the feed to farm to retail shelf.


David Nickell, vice president of sustainability and business solutions at dsm-firmenich, Animal Nutrition & Health, said: "There are genuine opportunities for improvements in efficiency, sustainability and animal health, and these are often interrelated. Connecting Sustell™ to Agrifirm's industry leading PoultryNEXT is the key to unlocking the value of sustainability for Agrifirm farmers and chain partners."


Yvonne van der Vorst, director of strategic marketing and business development at Agrifirm, said: "We are a cooperative of farmers on our way to build sustainable food chains for future generations. Bringing Sustell™ with PoultryNEXT to our farmers and chain partners, we offer cutting-edge solutions for measuring and managing responsible poultry production while steering CO2 reduction. This partnership will create value for our customers and chain partners, and bring transparency to perform responsible in the poultry industry, in line with our sustainability agenda."

- Royal Agfirm Group

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