March 27, 2024


US poultry production surges in February 2024


In February 2024, poultry production in the US witnessed a significant increase, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Brownfield Ag News reported.


Total poultry production reached 4.213 billion pounds, marking a 4% rise compared to February 2023. This surge was attributed to higher rates of both chicken and turkey slaughter, along with an increase in total live weight.


Chicken production stood at 3.779 billion pounds, with a slaughter of 770.048 million head and a total live weight of 5.004 billion pounds, all reflecting a 4% increase. Meanwhile, turkey production reached 423.912 million pounds, up by 1%, with a slaughter of 16.346 million head, marking a 4% increase. The total live weight for turkeys was 531.418 million pounds, 1% heavier than the previous year, while the average live weight decreased slightly to 32.51 pounds.


Although chicken stocks in cold storage at the end of February were lower compared to the previous year, turkey supplies saw an increase due to varying demand patterns.


The USDA is set to release its next round of poultry production estimates on April 11, 2024.


-      Brownfield Ag News

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