March 27, 2009


Poultry specialist appointed to represent Pas Reform
Press Release

Pas Reform has appointed Hungarian poultry specialist Dr. Laszlo Korosi to represent the company, as the Dutch hatchery technology firm expands further into Eastern Europe.


Founder of poultry health and management consultancy, AgriAL Bt., in 2002, Dr. Korosi began his career as a veterinarian and technical consultant for Shaver, with an MSc from Budapest Veterinary University. 


After nine years with Shaver, Dr. Korosi left to take up a new role as chief veterinarian and technical advisor for a Ross joint-venture GP breeding programme. Working with PS farms and hatcheries throughout Eastern Europe, a practical advisory capacity was central to this role, before Dr. Korosi accepted his next position with Merial's Hungarian Distributor, in 1998.


Dr. Korosi's skills and experience complement his role as an advisor to the poultry sector in Hungary, where rapid growth and sector advancement are important features of EU membership, said Pas Reform Sales Director Michael Kampschoer.
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