March 26, 2007


Ukraine's grain exports down by 68.5 percent in February 2007


Ukraine's grain exports in February 2007 fell by 68.5 percent or 708,540 tonnes, compared to February 2006, to 325,450 tonnes for US$60.35 million, data from the State Statistics Committee show.


Main exports were barley which pegged at 216,760 tonnes or 66.6 percent of the total grain exports volume, and corn by 87,940 tonnes or 27 percent of the total exports of grain.


Compared to January, grain exports in February rose by 18.6 times or 307,980 tonnes.


In January-February, grain exports fell by 81.2 percent or 1,476,410 tonnes, compared to the relevant period of the previous year to 342,920 tons for US$62.97 million.


Grain exports in January also fell by 97.8 percent or 767,860 tonnes, compared to January 2006, to 17,470 tonnes for US$2.68 million.


In 2006, grain export fell by 11.8 percent or 1,477,000 tonnes compared to 2005, to 11,024,610 tonnes for US$1,354.25 million.