March 25, 2024


Biosecurity, critical systems, regulations explored at USPOULTRY's  Feed Mill Management Seminar in Tennessee, US




Feed industry professionals recently gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States, for USPOULTRY's 2024 Feed Mill Management Seminar.


Programme elements covered a multitude of topics, from regulatory updates to biosecurity, maintenance programmes and transportation.


Cobb-Vantress director of feed milling, nutrition and transport Dr. Leasea Butler provided a careful examination of biosecurity. Dr. Butler explored primary drivers of the need for enhancing biosecurity, including changing regulations and increasing threats of zoonotic diseases. In order to improve biosecurity, Dr. Butler encouraged attendees to "redefine clean" and look critically at their facilities to ensure that opportunities for pathogens and contamination to occur are minimised.


Boiler operations were reviewed by Wayne-Sanderson Farms senior director of engineering Jason Norris. An overview of how boiler operations work was provided, along with critical factors to consider during daily operations, including special attention to water chemistry parameters and visual inspections. Norris provided photo and video examples to illustrate the symptoms of boiler operation issues and what to look for during inspection. In addition, annual inspections were discussed, allowing operators to see the effectiveness of cumulative daily inspections throughout the year.


Aviagen director of feed production Richard Obermeyer presented attendees with a variety of options to reduce energy and electrical use to lessen feed mill operating costs. Obermeyer suggested that a good starting place might be the electric bill to find hidden costs. For example, engaging with the utility provider to examine load meter results can identify efficiency opportunities and prevent demand charges. Compressed air systems and uninsulated steam lines were discussed as a potentially hidden opportunity for efficiency, and examples of the potential savings were provided for each. Obermeyer also discussed energy efficiency improvements that can be made to the mill, including lighting and high efficiency motors.


American Feed Industry Association director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs Gary Huddleston presented the 2023 Integrator Feed Facility of the Year award to Mountaire Farms' Scotland County feed mill in Maxton, North Carolina. Notable aspects of the facility's application included commitment to employee safety and community involvement through Mountaire's "Goal Zero" and "Mountaire Cares" programmes, while producing safe quality poultry feed.


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