March 25, 2014


Illegal antibiotics use in Russia's livestock feed rises



While the volume of legal antibiotic use in Russia remained steady in 2013, cases of prohibited antibiotic use were almost double the level of 2012, according to a report by Russian veterinary service, Rosselhoznadzor.


The problem of regulating the use of drugs in the feed industry was discussed at round table talks between Russian veterinarians and business representatives.


According to data by the All-Russian State Centre for Quality and Standardisation of Animal Drugs and Feed, the problem of antibiotic use in animal feed has become increasingly serious and the country needs special regulations in this area. "From many Russian regions, we receive feed containing drugs," said Elena Titova from the department of safety of feed and feed additives.


"We are detecting illegal antibiotics in feed or even too high levels of legal antibiotics on a regular basis. For instance, from some producers in the Primorsky Territory, we received feed that contained such levels of antibiotics, which were equal to therapeutic doses. Moreover, in compound feed for laying hens, we regularly found therapeutic doses of antibiotics, when, in fact, the use of antibiotics in Russia in feed for laying hens is prohibited by law," she added.


The main problem with the fight against antibiotics in Russian feed is the lack of legislation in this area, according to Rosselhoznadzor. In the near future, the Russian veterinary service intends to introduce several proposals to lawmakers, in order improve the situation, according to the press-service of the department.

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