March 23, 2023


New programme connects New Zealand businesses to global aquaculture industry



Hatch Innovation Services, in partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), has launched the Global Innovation Launchpad for New Zealand Aquaculture, which aims to connect high-potential New Zealand businesses with contacts and opportunities in the global aquaculture industry, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise reported.


The programme, which was developed in response to a successful pilot in 2022, aims to provide New Zealand businesses with networking opportunities and top-quality coaching so they can grow and maximise their potential in the global aquaculture market.


Applications are open until April 22, 2033, with successful applicants receiving tailored training, support, and mentorship from key aquaculture players.


The programme will conclude with a visit to AquaNor, the world's largest aquaculture trade show, in Norway in August 2023. T


The launchpad programme for this year comes after a successful pilot in 2022 that helped four Aotearoa New Zealand-based companies, Snap Information Technologies, Boss Aqua, Cerebus Marine, and Waikaitu Limited, expand their customer bases in the international aquaculture market.


The initiative forms part of NZTE's support for the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan, which seeks to grow the agritech sector towards contributing NZD 8 billion ~(US$5 billion; NZD 1 = US$0.63) to the New Zealand economy by 2030.


Aquaculture represents an estimated NZD 1.1 trillion (~US$690 billion) ten-year growth opportunity, with the potential to support climate-friendly protein production, climate change mitigation, and regenerative food systems. Protein consumption is predicted to double by 2050, and seafood production is one of the fastest-growing sources of protein.


Some of the specific market opportunities for New Zealand innovation include next-generation and regenerative systems for farming fish, seaweed, and bivalves; nutrition, enabling technology; health and genetics; alternative seafood; and solutions for financing, logistics, and cold chains.


-      New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

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