March 23, 2023


Australian organisations gather scientists to highlight scientific evidence for meat, livestock production




The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have brought nine scientists from around the world together in Sydney, Australia, for a day-long summit to discuss the scientific evidence in support of red meat and livestock production in today's society.


The Australian Good Meat Summit gathered together industry leaders and producers from across the red meat and livestock sector to hear key messages from a series of research papers set to be published later this year in the scientific journal, Animal Frontiers.


MLA managing director Jason Strong said the summit was an Australian-based take on a similar science-based event held in Dublin, Ireland, held last year and was an excellent opportunity to bring industry leaders, producers and scientists together under one roof.


"We wanted to give our industry leaders an opportunity to hear in person from some of the world's leading scientific brains working in this field," Strong said.


"From Professor Peer Ederer to Professors Candace Croney and Neil Mann – these scientists are leading the charge in support of animal agriculture and livestock production around the world," he said. "Their work is part of a growing snowball of scientific evidence that is demonstrating the immense value and contribution of the Australian red meat and livestock industry."


AMPC chief executive officer Chris Taylor said the Animal Frontiers papers consolidate more than 1,000 scientific works in support of a balanced discussion on the future of animal agriculture globally.


"They also reflect the presentations and discussions held during the Dublin-based 2022 International Summit on the Societal Role of Meat," Taylor said.


Following that event in Dublin, more than 850 scientists from around the world have now signed the Dublin Declaration, which endorses the positive role of red meat in modern society.


Taylor said this show of faith in the animal agriculture industry was a big step forward in tackling an anti-meat agenda.


"Australian red meat is more than just good for you," Taylor said. "The Australian red meat and livestock industry has a production system that is leading the world with environmental sustainability, animal welfare, biosecurity and much more.


"Eating meat has been a feature of a nutritious meal across the globe throughout time. AMPC and MLA are committed to promoting and maintaining the role of red meat on our plates and in broader society."


- Beef Central

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