March 23, 2004



Argentina's 2003-04 Corn 23.7% Collected
Argentina farmers had also collected 3,586,959 tons or 23.7% of the 2003-04 corn harvest by Saturday, the Buenos Aires Cereals Exchange reported. By this time last year, farmers had collected 30.8% of the harvest.
Collectable area stands at 2.215 million hectares and 524,555 hectares have been collected thus far.
The average yield last week was 6.84 tons/hectare, which is down from 7.26 tons a year ago at this time.
Based on the average yield so far, the exchange estimated production of 12.8 million tons. This would be a decline of about 3 million tons from the previous year, according to exchange data.
"Productivity in center-north Santa Fe and in northeast Cordoba is clearly down as a result of the dry spell that affected the crops (earlier in the season)," the exchange said. "The average yield in this zone is less than 5.5 tons/hectare."
The USDA has forecast 2003-04 corn production at 12.5 million tons.

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