March 22, 2021


Former AquaChile marketing chief joins Veramaris


Omega-3 algae oil producer Veramaris has appointed Victoria Parr as business development director of North America to anchor the company's further outreach into the US market.


Parr's seafood credentials are exemplary and include director roles at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) and AquaChile with a focus on its premium brand, Verlasso.


She will bring her industry expertise and relationships to Veramaris where she will support partners in the aquaculture value chain to help them reduce their marine footprint and become more sustainable.


Parr plans to work closely with seafood wholesalers, retailers and foodservice professionals to help them understand how a scaleable algae source of EPA and DHA Omega-3 in the fish diet results in a healthy, delicious and sustainable choice on the plate.


In turn, she will reach out to producers to help them understand the advantages like enhanced disease resistance, growth and stress resilience that including marine algal oil provides for their businesses.


Adding Parr to the team further boosts Vermaris' US efforts and puts the company firmly on track to achieve its business growth goals.


"Success in this new role means supporting aquaculture as it continues to scale-up, sustainably," said Parr. "When customers choose our natural, marine algae oil – grown in our Nebraska, US, zero-waste facility - they are relieving pressure on the ocean's vulnerable forage fish populations while increasing their product quality and nutritional value, improving animal welfare, human health and the health of the planet.


"We have the opportunity now to break away from the status quo. Demand for seafood is rising, and now is the time to be innovative ­- even bold - in how we add value and reduce friction all along the supply chain to the fork."


- Veramaris