March 22, 2007


Ukraine exports 6.4 million tonnes of grains in 2006/2007


Ukraine has exported 60.4 million tonnes of grain since the beginning of marketing year (MY) 2006/2007 (July 2006-June 2007), according to Ukraine Minister of Agricultural Policy Yurii Melnyk.


Melnyk said the Cabinet of Ministers has already abolished quotas for exports of barley and corn, stressing the country has sufficient amounts of food grain at the state and regional levels and will not have reasons for a grain price increase. 


Ukraine grain exports fell in January by 97.8 percent or 767,860 tonnes, compared to January 2006, to 17,470 tonnes for US$2.68 million.


In 2006, grain export fell by 11.8 percent or 1,477,000 tonnes compared to 2005, to 11,024,610 tonnes for US$1.3 million.