March 20, 2022


Chicken egg farm prices in Thailand fixed at US$0.10



Thailand's Department of Internal Trade has capped chicken egg farm prices at a maximum of THB 3.20 (~US$0.10; THB 10 = US$0.30) to assist poultry farmers without affecting consumers, The Nation Thailand reported.


Wattanasak Sur-iam, the Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, said egg farmers have requested the department to adjust the selling price of eggs due to rising livestock feed costs caused by Russia's invasion into Ukraine.


Russia and Ukraine are major global suppliers of corn and wheat, key ingredients of livestock feed.


Wattanasak said the average cost of egg farming is THB 2.94 (~US$0.088) based on current livestock feed prices and the frequency of hens laying eggs during summer.


He said the fixed egg prices of THB 3.20 per egg would make the retail price of size-3 eggs at THB 3.47 per egg.


Eggs are one of the 18 consumer products and services that prices are regulated by the Department of Internal Trade. Other products include meat, milk and dairy products, and livestock feed.


Thailand's Commerce Ministry is working with other agencies to find ways to ease restrictions on wheat and corn imports from other countries to supply domestic livestock feed manufacturers and stop an animal feed shortage.


-      The Nation Thailand

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