March 20, 2012


China market share of Japanese Meiji Milk down 90%



Data shows that due to the terrible earthquake and nuclear radiation accident, the market share of Japanese milk in China has fallen by 90% in the past year.


During the same period, sale of domestic milk brands surged by over 80%. Before Japanese earthquake last March, many buyers procured Japanese milk from retailers or agents to China. It is estimated that before the earthquake, sales of Japanese Meiji Milk through all channels (including smuggling) totalled around CNY1 billion (US$158 million). Statistics from legal channels shows that after the earthquake, market share of Meiji Milk fell by 90%.


Meiji Milk returned to China market after changing its origin from Japan to Australia last July, but it encountered nuclear radiation accident later. Last year, caesium was detected from Meiji Step, baby milk made by Meiji Milk.


Despite the fact that Meiji Milk sold in China are from Australia, Chinese mothers are still reluctant to choose it for it is a Japanese brand.

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