March 19, 2021

UK beef production down in February



The United Kingdom's beef production was 2% lower in February 2021 compared to a year ago, according to Defra figures.


At a total of 73,300 tonnes, the amount of beef and veal produced in the month was lower due to fewer cattle slaughtering. Prime cattle slaughtered for February was 1% lower year-on-year at 159,900 heads, largely driven by lower steer kill at -2%. Heifer slaughtered was also -1% lower in February, but the young bull slaughtered rose by 3%.


Prime cattle carcasses weights were mixed again in February, with heifers and steers on average 0.4% lighter at 330.8kg and 365.5kg, respectively. Young bulls were on average slaughtered 3% heavier at 344.4kg.


Culled cow throughputs totalled 51,800 heads in February, marginally lower at -0.2% than a year ago. Cow carcasses weights were on average 0.3% heavier at 315.2kgs.


Looking by country, prime slaughter remained virtually unchanged in England and Wales at 101,000 heads in February.


Scottish prime slaughters remained higher, up 1% at 32,100 heads. Northern Irish prime slaughters continued to be lower, down 9% at 26,800 heads in February.