March 18, 2024


Lallemand shares results concerning benefits of microbial bedding conditioner on udder health




Lallemand Animal Nutrition recently shared the results of a scientific publication which shows that the application of a dedicated microbial bedding conditioner preserves the quality of the bedding material and has positive outcomes on the maintenance of udder health and cow health.


Dairy cows spend, on average, 10 to 13 hours per day lying down. This is also how long their teats are in direct contact with the bedding materials – a factor that underscores the importance of maintaining good bedding quality. Deteriorated bedding may ultimately impact udder health (for example, somatic cell counts) and farm revenue.


The published study evaluates a microbial based bedding conditioner, MANURE PRO, which contains a unique enzymatic and bacterial complex that promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms when applied to the bedding material.


MANURE PRO was used on a bedding material consisting of recycled manure solids (RMS) in the study. RMS is obtained by mechanically separating manure removed from dairy cow housing systems. Its low cost of recovery, as well as wide availability, has allowed RMS to be used as an alternative source of bedding. While an economic and sustainable solution for dairy farms, RMS can pose a higher challenge in terms of microbial pressure on the animals.


Scientists used specific omics techniques (16S amplicon sequencing) to decipher the effect of the microbial bedding conditioner on the bedding microbiota.


"Interestingly, we found that the application of the microbial bedding conditioner modified the profiles and diversity of the bedding microbiota; while the control bedding was significantly associated with potential mastitis pathogens, we did not detect such undesirable bacteria in the MANURE PRO treated RMS bedding," Lysiane Duniere, PhD, research scientist at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, explained.


"The bedding physio-chemical quality was also improved by the use of the bedding conditioner. When we looked at the teat skin microbiota, we made the same observations: microorganisms potentially associated with mastitis were mainly observed on the skin of the control cows and were not present in the cows from the MANURE PRO pens. In summary, the use of MANURE PRO is shown to help maintain microbial bedding quality and this is translated into lower somatic cell counts in milk."


The authors of the publication concluded that the use of the microbial bedding conditioner could be of interest in controlling the risk of mastitis onset for dairy cows and further associated costs.

- Lallemand Animal Nutrition

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