March 18, 2024


Soil moisture of Argentina's soybean plantings improved with recent rains




The percentage of Argentine soybean plantings with optimal-to-excellent soil moisture grew to 77% in the week before March 11, the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange said on March 14.


The improvement was attributed to recent rains.


Argentina is one of the world's top exporters of processed soybeans, and the exchange estimated the 2023/24 harvest at 52.5 million metric tonnes.


In the country's main growing region, "nine out of every 10 hectares are in normal-to-excellent crop condition," according to the exchange. It added that 69% of the late-planted soy crop had adequate moisture conditions while it was in a key development stage.


However, a specialist noted that if intense rains keep up, the soy harvest could be delayed with some output lost.


The grains exchange added that the 2023/24 corn crop was seeing an increase in the presence of maize leafhoppers, an insect which carries the harmful spiroplasma disease.


"An increase in the presence of leafhoppers in plots with late-planted corn is reported, with significant damage in the center of Santa Fe (province), the northern part of the northern growing region and west of Entre Rios (province), areas that in previous years had not been affected," the exchange said.


The exchange held its estimate for the corn harvest at 56.5 million tonnes, but said it was evaluating damages caused by the pest.


- Reuters

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