March 18, 2020


UK reaches higher pig output for February



UK's clean pig slaughter in February reached 864,400 heads, 3.6% (29,200 heads) more than in the same month slast year.


This continual growth in throughputs comes despite industry reports suggesting the supply of finishing pigs has been tight.


All UK regions recorded an increase in slaughter in February; however, it was the uplift in England and Wales (up 3% to 687,00 heads) that accounted for the majority. Scotland recorded an 11% increase to 29,000 heads while Northern Ireland has an increase of 6% to 149,000 heads.


As such, in the first two months of this year, UK clean pig slaughter now totals 1.82 million head, 2.8% more than the same period last year.


Finished pig carcase weights in February averaged 86.9 kg, 1.3 kg more than in the previous year. Average weights were also 300 g heavier than in January.


UK slaughter of sows and boars in February totalled 20,000 heads, 5% more (1,000 heads) than in the same week in the previous year. With the cull rate relatively low across last year, the age profile of the herd will have risen.  As such, we could continue to see an uplift in culling rates over the coming months.


Pig meat production reached 77,900 tonnes in February, 5% (3,800 tonnes) more than in the same month last year. As such, production in the first two months of this year totalled 163,600 tonnes, 4.1% more (6,500 heads) than last year.