March 18, 2020


Adisseo takes measures for employee safety and business continuity in light of COVID-19




Inresponsetothe rapidlydeveloping COVID-19  epidemic, governments around the world are strengthening preventive and precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus and protect populations.

Having fully assessed the situation from the very beginning of the epidemic, Adisseo decided and implemented all necessary measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees and subcontractors as well as the continuity of its operations.

These measures are adapted according to the spread of the pandemic and the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the authorities of each country in which Adisseo is present.

First, ensuring the safety of its employees and limiting the spread of the epidemic. Each Adisseo site worldwide has a local pandemic management team whose mission is toimplement the necessary preventive and cautionary measures to protect its employees and subcontractors and to limit the spread of the virus. They are coordinated at group level by the Group pandemic crisis management team to ensure a homogeneous, rapid and efficient deployment.

Then, ensuring the continuity of its operations. Adisseo, as a leader and a key player in the animal nutrition sector, ensuring the continuity of its activities is imperative.The company's teams have identified and assessed the specific risks posed by COVID-19 and have adaptedbusiness continuity plans to mitigate the impact on its customers.

Adisseo  would  like  to  assure  its  customers  and  partners  that  all  Adisseo  teamsare  fully committed to ensure the continuity of its activities at their service.