March 18, 2011


China-Biotics expands products supplied to Bright Dairy


China-Biotics Inc, the leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of probiotics products in China, Thursday (Mar 17) announced that it has added three new strain formulas that it supplied to Bright Dairy.


These new formulas will be used in Bright Dairy's highly anticipated premium yogurt product lines. This expansion of supplied formula is a direct reflection of the company's GMP-certified production techniques, technical safety and quality assurance, as Bright Dairy, one of the top three dairy enterprises in China, maintains one of the most stringent inspection processes in the industry. 


Jinan Song, CEO and chairman of China-Biotics,commented, "Our undivided efforts on R&D and developing customised solutions for different dairy companies are starting to pay off. We remain focused on transitioning to our B2B business model and intend to expand our market share in China."


"Our current stock price does not reflect our long-term value and premium product quality in a large addressable market capable of sustaining rapid growth. Management will continue to focus on optimising business operations and market expansion. We remain confident that, in the long run, our strategic position and ability to create value will be recognised by the US investment community," Song added.

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