March 17, 2023


Vietnam to export US$1 billion worth of aquaculture products by 2025



Vietnam aims to export up to US$1 billion worth of aquaculture products by 2025, under a development project for the industry towards 2030 with a vision to 2045, VN Express reported.


The project also aims to increase the total are of aquaculture to 280,000 hectares, with an annual yield of 850,000 tonnes.


The sector is anticipated to contribute more than 25% of the Vietnam's total fishery production by 2045, estimated to exceed US$4 billion in export revenue.


These objectives require actions to address bottlenecks and transform Vietnam's aquaculture sector into a large-scale production industry in a coordinated, safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. 


With a total area of 85,000 hectares, Vietnam currently has about 7,447 aquaculture companies, according to the country's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


The sector is currently expected to grow by an average of 23.3% per year.


-      VN Express

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