March 17, 2014


UK researchers discover cost effectiveness of phytase in rapeseed meal


Nottingham Trent University's research into chicken feed found that phytase could "superdose" rapeseed meal, creating a far cheaper but equally nutritious alternative source of protein for broiler chicks, and could result in saving of cost by millions of pounds annually in the food industry.


Currently, soy is the most widely used feed which is more expensive and has to be imported from the US.


Rapeseed meal is around £100 (US$166) a tonne cheaper but contains high levels of anti-nutritional factors which can reduce bird health and performance.


Scientists at Trent have found that increasing the amount of phytase could significantly reduce this issue.


Natalie Morgan, who is based in the university's Poultry Unit said: "The UK poultry industry produces over 850 million broilers a year, which are fed approximately 1,300 tonnes of broiler feed, so our findings could have a big economic consequence."

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