March 17, 2009
Lallemand's Ikosel and Bactocell get green light in China
Press Release

Lallemand's Selenium yeast and probiotic bacteria safety and efficacy have been recognised by the Chinese authorities, as the registration process for two of its key microbial-based feed additives have been successfully completed in China.


Alkosel, the company's premium source of bioavailable selenium has been recognised safe and effective, and thereby registered for use as a mineral feed supplement. Monogastric specific probiotic bacteria Bactocell (Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM MA 18/5M) has been registered as a 'microbial biotic feed additive'.


Alkosel and Bactocell, already authorised in Europe, are registered under Announcement 611 issued by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and are subjected to strict quality testing by local authorities to prove the required product stability, safety and efficacy, according to Jamie Chang, representative for Lallemand Animal Nutrition in Beijing, China.


Bactocell is a lactic acid producing bacteria is able to strengthen the gut microflora of monogastric species, with a positive impact on pathogen control and feed digestibility. Production trials have shown that Bactocell increases feed conversion rates and improve zootechnical performance and resistance against pathogens in pig, poultry and aquaculture species.


Alkosel is an organic selenium-enriched yeast product that provides a natural source of organic selenium for animal feed use. Alkosel contains high levels of selenium as selenomethionine, a form readily available for animals.


Bactocell and Alkosel are produced by Lallemand in its FAMI-QS certified yeast and bacteria production facilities in Europe and Canada.


Lallemand, Inc. is a Canadian company specialised in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives. A major supplier of probiotics and silage inoculants in Europe, North America and Africa, the company also has a growing presence in Asia and South America.

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