March 16, 2023


Seminar held in Punjab, India, to address livestock disease issues



In a significant step to assist Indian states in controlling animal diseases under the Assistance to States for Control of Animal Diseases (ASCAD) scheme — and increase the share of animal husbandry in Punjab GDP, India — a state-level seminar has been organised in Punjab by the animal husbandry department.


More than 250 delegates from 11 districts were at the event.


Deputy Commissioner Vishesh Sarangal inaugurated the seminar which focused on emerging zoonotic and livestock diseases, the nutritional management of livestock during disease outbreaks and controlling emerging diseases from a vaccination viewpoint.


Sarangal saw the seminar as a major step toward better awareness about animal diseases, especially those affecting milk-producing animals.


Urging the veterinary professionals to reach out to villages for the care and management of livestocks, the deputy commissioner said that such seminars would be helpful to tap the potential of animal husbandry to increase the share of animal husbandry in Punjab, from 13% to 20%.


Dr. Rampal Mittal, director of animal husbandry, said that the care and management of livestock during a disease outbreak was a major challenge not only to save affected animals but also to protect unaffected animals.


He called for the adoption of practical approaches for better livestock feeding and management at modern dairy farms to ensure higher profitability. He added that ‘awareness camps' should be organised in villages to help farmers control diseases at an early stage.


- Punjab News Express

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