March 16, 2004

Argentina's 2003-04 Corn 17.9% Collected
Argentina's farmers had also collected 17.9% of the 2003-04 corn harvest by Saturday, the Buenos Aires Cereals Exchange.
The pace of production is down about 1 percentage point from a year ago at this time. So far, farmers have harvested 2,569,263 metric tons. Collectable area stands at 2.216 million hectares. Some 396,125 hectares have been collected thus far. The average yield last week was 6.49 tons/hectare, which is down from 7.27 tons a year ago at this time.
Based on the average yield so far, the exchange has estimated total production of 12.8 million tons. This would be a decline of about 3 million tons from the previous year, according to exchange data. The USDA has forecast 2003-04 corn production at 12.5 million tons.
Finally, farmers had collected 33.2% of the 2003-04 sunseed crop. This puts the pace of collection up from 25.3% last week but down from 42.4% a year ago. Planted area totals 1.95 million hectares, though only 1.942 million hectares will actually be harvested, the exchange said, citing crop damage. The average yield so far this year is 1.99 tons/hectare, compared with 1.78 tons a year ago. Production will total 3.4 million tons, the exchange said.

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