March 15, 2022


Canada approves beef and pork imports from Brazil



Canada has approved the import of beef and pork from Brazil, which was stopped previously because of health concerns, Reuters.


Tereza Cristina Dias, Brazil's Agriculture Minister, said they were able to export pork and beef to Canada following a meeting with the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Reuters it approved the import of raw and cooked poultry meat, pork, and pH matured beef from Brazil.


Dias said Brazilian meatpackers are able to export to more than 200 markets globally.


ABPA, Brazil's pork and poultry lobby, welcomed the move but said the clearance for pork only extends to establishments in Santa Catarina. This was because the state was approved as free of foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination at the time of the initial request.


ABPA said more than 50% of Brazil's pork exports come from Santa Catarina state.


Brazil and Canada are continuing discussions to open trade from other areas recognised as free of the disease by the World Organisation for Animal Health.


-      Reuters

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