March 15, 2021


EU pork exports to China increase 5,400% in 20 years


The European Union has ended the year with a total of 3,197,540 tonnes carcass weight of pork and pork products exported to China, according to data from DG Agri.


The amount represented an increase of 45% over the previous year.


In 20 years, the EU has gone from exporting just over 58,000 tonnes to China to over three million tonnes, an increase of 5,400%.


In 2010, China accounted for only 5.5% of total European pork exports. Today, it represents over half (53.5%), with total European exports in 2020 reaching 5,973,123 tonnes.


In 2020, frozen pork accounted for 67% of the pork products exported, followed by offal with 26.6% of the total, and fats and lard with 4.7%.


- Pig333 / DG Agri.

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