March 15, 2013


UK approves GM food labelling body



The UK's first certification body, for the labelling of non-genetically modified (GM) foods, has been approved in a decision which is likely to benefit UK GM-free meat producers.


Cert ID Europe is the leading non-GM certification organisation, which will be used for Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik (Vlog) which advocates the labelling and is supported by Germany.


Products without genetic engineering will be marked 'Ohne GenTechnik' in Germany and this certification procedure in the UK will provide many opportunities for the British food industry, concerning exports to Germany.


The 'Ohne Gentechnik' labelling can also be used to mark British meat, dairy and egg products in the UK for consumers concerned about GM food.


Commenting on German consumers' concern with quality, managing director of Cert ID Europe Richard Werran said, "In 2008, Germany decided to support consumer choice with regard to GMOs and, more importantly, animal derivatives such as meat, milk and eggs that have been produced by feeding the animals a non-GMO diet. The scheme has been a resounding success, with more and more food producers subscribing to the programme."


"The Ohne Gentechnik scheme provides food producers and farmers, who are rearing animals or producing milk and eggs 'GM-free', to focus on the German sector and, the opportunity for the first non-GMO labelling in the UK."


Vlog general manager, Alexander Hissting, said the labelling was both welcomed and trusted by an increasing number of German consumers. "We are pleased at the prospect that quality British food will also be available with 'Ohne GenTechnik' labelling in Germany in the near future and that British consumers will also be able to make a clear choice against GMOs in agriculture and food production with their daily food purchase," he added.

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