March 15, 2007


Canada: More pork exports but lesser value


Canada increased its total amount of exported pork in 2006 as Canadian pork companies sold 1,037 million tonnes to foreign consumers, posting an increase of 7,000 tonnes from 2005, figures from the Canada Pork International show.


Canada is the world's third exporter of pork, after the US and the European Union (EU).


However, the value of pork decreased by 10 percent as total value of last year's pork exports amounted to US $2.13 billion from US$2.37 billion in 2005.


Last year also saw several changes in destination of the pork exported from Canada. By end-2006, the country lost the Romanian market when it joined the EU along with Bulgaria.


Exports to both the US and Mexico decreased, but exports to Russia grew to more than 90,000 tonnes.


Pork promotions in several Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Singapore will be held in the near future.

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