March 14, 2023


New Zealand research shows switching to once-a-day cattle milking is beneficial



New research by Massey University has found that once-a-day milking may be more beneficial for both farmers and cattle, as even though cattle produce less milk, once-a-day milking saves money in labour, fuel, and feed, Stuff NZ reported.


Currently, over 50% of New Zealand dairy farmers practice twice-a-day milking throughout the entire milking period, with only 10% milking once a day.


Researchers found that cattle milked twice a day had to walk from paddocks and the milk shed twice, often had to eat more to keep producing more milk, and extra labour was needed to manage milking.


While cattle produced more milk with twice-a-day milking, this wasn't always the best choice for cattle health and the farmer's bottom line. Dairy farmer Adam McCall from New Zealand switched to once-a-day milking eight years ago for various reasons, including the negative effects twice-a-day milking had on the health and productivity of his cattle.


McCall said that once-a-day milking has many benefits, such as reducing labour costs, being better for cattle health, and offering more flexibility, making it a sustainable business decision.


-      Stuff NZ

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