March 12, 2020


15,000 people sign NFU petition to maintain UK food standards in trade deals


The National Farmers Union (NFU) petition aims to urge the UK government to maintain its high food standards amid trade negotiations with the European Union and United States.


The NFU wants the UK government to create a legislation to refuse food imports that are illegal for UK farmers to produce.


Minette Batters, NFU president said the petition, signed by 15,000 people, shows that the UK public refuses food that have been produced at lower food safety standards compared to UK farmers.


She called on the UK government to keep its high animal welfare standards, and not compromise on current environmental protection and food safety laws in trade talks with the US and the EU.


She said the industry has the chance to promote its sustainable, climate-friendly food globally and is ready to collaborate with the government to achieve this goal.


The petition was launched at the recent NFU conference.