March 12, 2020


Republic of Ireland confirms avian influenza outbreak in poultry flock


The country's Department of Agriculture confirmed the outbreak at a commercial poultry facility in Co Monaghan county, with another three facilities currently under investigation, reported The Irish Times.


A movement restriction on the farm has been imposed by the department for all poultry and poultry products as investigations continue into the virus transmission.


A spokeswoman for the department said it is likely that the disease agent is H6N1 based on clinical signs and initial laboratory results.


There have been similar virus outbreaks in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland over the last few weeks.


Poultry farm owners, including those who own backyard farms have been told by the department to impose strong biosecurity measures in their facilities. In addition, only important staff, vehicles and equipment should be allowed access to their flocks and contact should be minimised between their poultry and wild birds.


The department added that farm owners must report any suspected avian influenza cases to their veterinarian or the regional veterinary office.


Europe is currently facing a H5N8 avian influenza outbreak, a more virulent strain of the virus that has spread across seven countries.


-  The Irish Times

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