March 12, 2014


Ireland to build new dairy research, education facility


With an aim to support programmes in dairy production with a focus on genetics, nutrition and herd health management, Ireland's University College Dublin (UCD) is constructing a new dairy research and education facility at Lyons Research Farm.


With a capacity for 200 cows, the facility is part of a €2 million (US$2.8 million) plus investment supported by Dairymaster, Devenish Nutrition, Glanbia, Munster Cattle Breeding Group, Progressive Genetics and the Irish Holstein Friesian Breeders Association.


Continuing investment in research is critical to the success of the Irish dairy industry and to the quality of the education of the student population.


The herd will be comprised of spring calving and autumn calving groups and the emphasis initially will be on the role of supplementation in a grass based system to maximise production and improve milk quality throughout the season.


As the dairy industry in Ireland begins a major expansion following the abolition of milk quotas, the new facilities will come on stream in the spring of 2015, and they will facilitate research which will complement that being carried at other research centres in Ireland.


The research outputs from the new facility will be made available through publications, a dedicated website and open days on the farm. The facility will serve as an international showcase for the best in Irish dairy technology.


To enable the planned herd expansion to coincide with the abolition of milk quotas in April 2015, construction will commence in May and will finish in early 2015. The development will also provide new facilities for teaching students in agriculture and veterinary medicine.


Lyons Research Farm consists of more than 580 acres located near the village of Newcastle in Co Kildare. It is used for teaching and research field activities by the UCD College of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin.

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