March 10, 2023


Cargill Animal Nutrition showcases solutions at VIV Asia 2023




Cargill Animal Nutrition, along with Cargill brands Provimi, Delacon and Diamond V, has participated at this year's VIV Asia show in Bangkok, Thailand, as a total nutrition solution provider delivering premix, compound feed and pet food, as well as professional consultation and digital solutions for swine, poultry, cattle, dairy and 'lifestyle' animals at all life phases.


Under the theme of "DISCOVER THE POWER OF THE MICROVERSE™," Cargill presented animal health technology which specialises in feed additives dedicated to supporting healthier lifestyles through its in-depth understanding of microbiome's complex ecology, nourishing its natural potential and boosting animal and companion pet health.


The organisation is focusing on the innovation, investment and infrastructure needed to modernise the industry and serve diverse customer needs. With its long heritage of more than 75 years in the Asia-Pacific region, Cargill views this market as one of the most critical long-term growth opportunities and is committed to advancing productivity gains and sustainability with customers.


Kelly Stange, the US Agriculture Counsellor for Thailand, said: "Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health makes a smart decision to secure its position in the center of the supply chain, giving Cargill a unique role in linking farmers and producers, customers and consumers, and helping to make the world's food system more sustainable, resilient and accessible. This may be accomplished through Cargill's efforts and shared vision in Unlocking the Microverse for Better Lives and becoming the world's greatest science-based feed additives and nutrition business, delivering the next frontier for animal productivity and sustainable, wholesome food supply."


"Cargill delivers world-class sustainable solutions in animal nutrition, performance and health to drive the success of customers who nourish, raise or care for animals," said John Fering, regional managing director of Cargill Animal Nutrition Southeast Asia.


- Cargill

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