March 10, 2022


Pork prices in UK set to increase due to Russia-Ukraine conflict



Victoria Prentis, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Minister responsible for farming, said food prices including pork are set to increase due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, The Guardian reported.


Prentis said British consumers will need to pay a premium for quality food made locally, and urged them to stop buying Russian white fish.


Imported Russian white fish makes up a third of the volume consumed in the UK.


Prentis has been dealing with supply chain issues caused by the Russian invasion into Ukraine. She said she is in talks with the British swine industry, and questioned if UK consumers would be prepared to pay more for domestic grown high-welfare swine.


Before the Russian invasion, Prentis was focused on environmentally friendly farming, which includes the implementation of environmental land management schemes that would pay farmers subsidies for improving biodiversity and nature on their land.


Europe is facing a wheat crisis, as both Russia and Ukraine account for 14% of worldwide wheat production and nearly 30% of global wheat exports.


-      The Guardian

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