March 10, 2020


Vietnam to import pork from Russia to supplement rising domestic pork prices


The pork comes from Russian-based Miratorg Corporation, as part of the government's measures to battle rising domestic pork prices, reported Vietnam SGGP.


The talks were between Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Vietnam's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the chairman of Miratorg Corporation to increase bilateral agricultural and fisheries imports and exports.


The minister said Vietnam will import pork from Miratorg as pork prices have been hiked by enterprises and local swine farm owners in the country.


Miratorg said they are able to produce 500,000 tonnes of pork annually at competitive prices accepted by Vietnam. The company control its own swine production chain from breeding to slaughtering.


The first batch of pork from Miratorg will arrive to Vietnam by next week.


On the other hand, Cuong said Vietnam will be able to export its fish, shrimp and other agricultural produce to Russia.


A meeting has been set between the agriculture ministers of Vietnam and Russia to discuss about import export of agriculture produce between both countries.


-      Vietnam SGGP