March 10, 2020


More than a gut feeling: Adisseo and Novozymes achieve visualization of in vivo germination

For the first time ever, scientists have been able tovisualizethe germinated active cells of a commercial Bacillus-based probiotic inside the gut of birds.

Adisseo and Novozymesrevealed at a press conference in Paris on March 5, 2020that as a first for the industry they have been able to demonstrate and visualize in detail the germination of their Alterion® technology. During the gathering, the partnership presented noveldata and innovative techniques to scientifically prove that their probiotic is an effective and consistent solution for poultry.


"For the first time ever, scientists have been able to visualize the germinated active cells ofa commercial   Bacillus-based   probiotic inside thegut of birds. Theprocess, known as germination, iscrucial to demonstrate the desired benefits of probiotics for   animal production, "explained Damien Prévéraud, Global Technical and Scientific Manager Health by Nutrition at Adisseo."These include improved health, growth, resilience and feed utilization; which in turn offer a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters."


Adisseo and Novozymes' joint Bacillusprobiotic, Alterion, is a unique, proprietary strain –carefully selected through rigorous screening and developed specifically for improvements of poultry performance across the world.


Probiotics for livestock on the rise, but questions remain


The use of probiotics, such as Bacilli, has increased considerably in livestock production over the last 25 years.  However, until now, their degree of germination within animals has been virtually unknown –prompting questions regarding themetabolic activity of probioticsin the intestine.  Due to the complexity of the process within the intestinal environment, in vivo confirmation of germination has beenaverychallenging task.


"Based on our strong Bacillus knowledge and our extensive biological tools, we have developed an innovative fluorescent system that tracks the germination process within the bird's gut,"said KarolineSidelmannBrinch,  Science  Manager  at  Novozymes  Applied  Research,  Animal Health and Nutrition. "Thanks to this technology, we have now been able to visualize the active form of Alterion –proving that our probiotic germinates and grows inside poultry."


Alterion: A natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. For decades, antibiotics have been widely used in animal production to help livestock grow. Probiotics,or directfedmicrobials, are naturally occurring live bacteria added to feed to improve the gut health of pigs, poultry, and other livestock. Rising global consumption of meat, in combination with legislative and consumer pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics, has created a need for sustainable solutions in animal production.


The partnership combines Adisseo's strong market presence and regional know-how with Novozymes'strong Bacillustechnology and applicationknowledge.Together, the two companiesare solving customers' challenges and enabling improvementsin poultry performance globally.


"With the recent data package on germination we reinforce the partnership's dedication to understanding themode of action of Alterion –explaining scientifically its benefits on gut health and animal performance," said CamillaMarie BünnerKruse, Global Marketing andPartnership Manager at Novozymes.


Paolo Doncecchi, Global Category Director Health by Nutrition at Adisseo, concluded "As a partnership we are focused on delivering science-based solutions to our customers, as well as supporting analytical requests; addressing their issues and meeting their expectations."

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