March 10, 2011


Lallemand's probiotic Bactocell authorised for use on European layers



Probiotic Bactocell, a product of Lallemand Animal Nutrition, has been given the green light by the European Commission as a zootechnical feed additive for laying hens.


The new approval has been published in the Official Journal of the EU. This approval is the acknowledgment of Bactocell's safety and effectiveness to improve laying hens' zootechnical performance. It is based on an important registration record enclosing several zootechnical trials performed in different countries, under various circumstances, representative of the EU farming procedures. Bactocell has been authorised for use in Europe for chickens for fattening, as well as for fattening pigs, weaned piglets and aquaculture (shrimps and salmonids).


A statistical analysis (meta-analysis) of the data from four trials performed in several countries, under different rearing conditions, demonstrates the positive effects of Bactocell supplementation on laying hens zootechnical performance comprising an increased laying rate (+2.8%), better feed conversion rate (-3.2%) and increased exported eggs mass (+3.5%), among others.


Additionally, egg quality constraints are also improved with Bactocell, including increased shell resistance which translated to fewer broken eggs (reduction of downgraded eggs by 50%) and higher average egg mass.


Moreover, the scientific experiments done for many years to understand Bactocell's modes of action and interactions with the feed, the gut microflora, and the digestive tract, show the benefits of the probiotic on the hens gut's health and function. These translate to health benefits for the producer; better gut microflora balance, decrease of pathogens (salmonella, clostridium, coliforms etc), strengthening of the gut barrier (reduced microscopic inflammation, improved cellular integrity).

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