March 9, 2022


China to increase seafood production to 69 million tonnes by 2025



According to China's 15th Five-Year Plan, the country aims to boost seafood production to 69 million tonnes by 2025 which includes farmed and wild seafood, Fish Information & Services reported.


The plan also showed China's projected total seafood production for 2022 is 66.1 million tonnes.


The 15th Five-Year Plan will see seafood production surpass pork production in 2025, which is estimated to reach 55 million tonnes by that target year.


In a document from China's State Council dated February 11, 2022, the council called for  stricter environmental measures for household aquaculture and improve the planning of tidal protection systems for aquaculture facilities in China's coastal areas.


The council also proposed the development of rice and fish integrated aquaculture projects and large-scale ecological fisheries, as well as a promise to optimise the country's offshore green aquaculture programme.


-      Fish Information & Services

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