March 9, 2015


Lallemand appoints ruminant technical support manager for Europe



Lallemand Animal Nutrition has appointed Bruno Martin as ruminant technical support manager to support the company's beef and ruminant nutrition market in Europe.


Bruno Martin has over twenty years' experience in beef cattle and ruminant nutrition, having worked for leading feed industries operating in France and over Europe. Bruno earned his Master of Agronomic from ENITA Dijon in France.


The company also recently hired Dr. Kerry Barling, a veterinarian with experience in beef cattle health and microbiology, as Global Manager of Beef Technology for the North American market.


Laurent Dussert, ruminant feed additives category manager, said, "Beef cattle is a very challenging market, with increasing economic, environmental and societal pressure. In this context, high technical expertise to deploy innovative, natural and profitable solutions is necessary.


This is why we are pleased to count on recognized beef nutrition experts to provide the market the highest expertise with different beef management systems including feedlots. Bruno will bring his strong skills in beef nutrition and in-depth knowledge of the European market and Kerry his expertise of beef health and rumen microbiology in intensive beef cattle systems."

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