March 8, 2021


Cobb customers get new insights on grandparent management in webinar series


Cobb experts have recently shared valuable knowledge and recommendations on grandparent management with customers managing flocks in 32 countries worldwide.


The company's first Grandparent Standard webinar series received over 2,000 registrations and ran from November until early February and included nine episodes on several topics important to grandparent customers.


The next series begins in March.


"Our experts work hard every day to help customers improve their operations," said Richard Weatherley, grandparent account manager for Cobb Europe. "We were thrilled to reach so many customers in this new webinar series, helping support better outcomes for flocks. We will continue working to enable more people in the field to benefit from our grandparent management advice."


Experts from the Cobb Europe team and the Cobb World Tech Services team regularly shared guidance with customers on topics such as nutrition, brooding, male management, biosecurity, genetic purity, rearing and production. The final episode gathered every speaker from the series together to answer questions on any topic covered. The series drew a wide audience of customers from Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Cobb also offered translation services to Russian- and Chinese-speaking customers. 


"Attending the webinars was really beneficial to me and I found the sessions informative," said Yakooth Naleem, managing director of Bairaha Farms PLC in Sri Lanka. "They covered a wide range of topics which were well presented by the Cobb team and there were a number of key points to take away. I look forward to joining the second series and hearing more about other grandparent management topics."


"We are already preparing to make our next webinar series on grandparent management in March as beneficial as possible for our customers by listening to them and creating new content," said Weatherley. "We have no doubt there will be another strong turnout."


- Cobb

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