March 8, 2021


Upcoming research highlights benefits of Avivagen's OxC-betaTM Livestock for broilers


Avivagen Inc. has announced that a manuscript reporting the benefits of its OxC-betaTM Livestock feed additive for broiler poultry has been approved for publication by Poultry Science, a leading peer-reviewed journal.


The paper, entitled "Effect of Oxidized β-Carotene (OxBC) on the Growth and Feed Efficiency of Broilers", reports the positive results of two dietary supplementation trials in which OxC-beta was used with broiler poultry.


In both trials, birds in the OxC-beta groups achieved significantly improved growth performance measures, including average daily weight gain and feed utilisation efficiency, when compared to birds in control groups. These findings demonstrate that dietary supplementation with OxC-beta helps broiler poultry achieve their full growth potential under real world commercial conditions without the use of antibiotics.


The first of the two comprehensive studies was conducted in Canada, with birds being reared under typical commercial conditions for broiler production in Ontario. The second study was conducted in Scotland under typical commercial conditions for broiler production in the United Kingdom.


"We are very excited about the publication of the study in a highly credible peer-reviewed journal like Poultry Science," said Kym Anthony, CEO of Avivagen. "This publication provides an additional level of scientific validation supporting the commercially meaningful benefits of using OxC-beta for broiler poultry, providing additional value to Avivagen's current and future customers committed to eliminating or reducing antibiotic use in their operations."


- Avivagen

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