March 8, 2012


Uruguay's 2011 meat consumption up



Uruguay's 2011 meat consumption is on the rise, reaching 94.7 kilogrammes per person per year.


However, while consumption of pig meat and poultry has risen, consumption of beef dropped slightly last year. Consumption of beef went down from 61.2 kilogrammes to 60.6 kilogrammes while consumption of pig meat went up from 9.7 kilogrammes to 10.5 kilogrammes and poultry meat consumption rose from 19 kilogrammes to 19.5 kilogrammes.


Despite the drop in beef consumption last year, the demand for beef together with pork and poultry has been rising over the last five years.


Lamb consumption also fell slightly last year despite a continued upward trend over the last few years.


According to the national meat institute - the main meat marketing body in Uruguay - consumption trends in the country have been influenced by customs and habit, but the growth has also been attributed to a growing purchasing power of the consumer and the price of the product.


Consumption has been affected by the increases in beef prices compared to those of pig and poultry meat. Beef prices rose by 19.1% while pig and poultry meat prices fell by 0.8% and 10.9% respectively, over the last six years.


At the same time, the Uruguayan population's purchasing power rose by 28%.

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