March 7, 2024


Directors of Egypt's project for fattening cattle approve US$10 million for small-scale breeders, graduates




The board of directors of a national project for fattening cattle in Egypt has approved the allocation of E£307.35 million (US$10 million) for 426 beneficiaries, including small-scale breeders and young graduates, for a total of 6,833 heads of cattle.


This comes within the framework of a presidential initiative "Decent Life," launched by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, to develop the country's countryside and improve the standard of living of small farmers and breeders.


Mostafa El-Sayyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fisheries and Poultry, stated that the total funding allocated to the project so far amounts to approximately E£8.572 billion (US$278.5 million) for about 43,500 beneficiaries, for the raising and fattening of over 505,000 head of cattle. The funding is targeted at both calves for meat production or high-yielding cows for milk production, supporting the production of more meat and dairy products for the market.


El-Sayyad assigned the Livestock and Poultry Wealth Development Sector and the General Authority for Veterinary Services to coordinate with the directorates of agriculture and veterinary medicine at the level of governorates nationwide to intensify field follow-ups on the beneficiaries of the national project for fattening cattle, while providing all aspects of veterinary and health support and studying any problems facing the beneficiaries on the ground and working to solve them.


He emphasised that the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agricultural Bank of Egypt, and the National Bank of Egypt conduct inspections of beneficiaries' barns to ensure the availability of suitable space and adequate housing. Upon receiving the head of cattle, they are insured in the Livestock Insurance Fund at a reduced rate.


Field follow-ups on beneficiaries' barns are then intensified by the Livestock and Poultry Wealth Development Sector and the General Authority for Veterinary Services.


El-Sayyad said: "The national project for fattening cattle aims to provide red meat in the market at a fair and reasonable price for both producers and consumers, in addition to stabilising prices in the markets, whether for live cattle or prices of red meat and dairy."

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