March 7, 2008


Bangladesh to remove import duty of poultry feed ingredients


Bangladesh will remove a 10 percent import duty for poultry feed ingredients in order to help the poultry sector to recover from the recent bird flu outbreak, according to tax officials on Thursday.

Nearly 60 percent of Bangladesh's poultry farms have been closed down due to rising chick and feed prices, and the outbreak of bird flu, said industry owners.


The poultry industry, which accounts for 1.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), had incurred losses of about BDT 45 billion (US$660.5 million) due to the bird flu outbreak.


The bird flu has infected 46 out of 64 districts in Bangladesh, and nearly 1.2 million birds have been culled while about 4 million birds have died from the disease.


The order for the import duty removal would be issued soon, according to an official from the National Board of Revenue.

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